January 2012 Meeting Summary

Stephen Fossi spoke to the Southern California Section about Chip Scale Atomic Clocks on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at NavCom Technology. There were 25 in attendance. A brief bio and abstract of the talk follows. His presentation is attached.

Abstract of Mr. Fossi’s talk: (Presentation Slides)
Steve’s talk described Symmetricom’s SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock. Consuming only 120 mW, the SA.45s CSAC brings the accuracy and stability of an atomic clock to portable applications for the first time. The talk will explain, at a high level, the physics behind the CSAC, and answer the most common questions asked about the CSAC. The product began as a DARPA project, so we will also take a brief look at its development history.

Much of Mr. Fossi’s talk focused on applications.

Capsule Biography of Stephen Fossi:
Steve Fossi is the Director of New Business Development for Symmetricom’s Government and Enterprise Business Unit. He has been with Symmetricom for 4 years. He started at Symmetricom as the Sales Manager for the company’s Space, Defense, and Avionics product line, and then moved to business development, where he has focused on introducing the Chip Scale Atomic Clock to the market.

Prior to Symmetricom, Steve was at Hewlett-Packard and its spinoff Agilent Technologies, for 27 years. His entire time at HP/Agilent was spent in RF and microwave measurements. He began his career in applications and marketing, where he helped introduce such iconic products as the HP8340A Synthesized Sweep Oscillator, the HP8510A Microwave Network Analyzer, and the HP8753A RF Network Analyzer. Fossi also served as a project manager, leading a group that developed complete solutions for measuring antenna radiation patterns and radar cross section. He also led a team that developed the HP84000 RFIC tester, designed to test the chip sets that went into cell phones. Driven by the cell phone revolution of the 1990’s, the HP84000 became a major product line for the company, and Fossi became the general manager and vice president for the division in charge of the product line, a role he continued when Agilent Technologies was spun off from HP. Later at Agilent, Fossi served as the general manager of a division that made RF & microwave test systems for the defense industry, and he was also the R&D manager for Agilent’s PNA/ENA network analyzers.

During his HP/Agilent management career, Fossi was part of an HP management team that was the subject of a Harvard Business School case study, which is still taught at HBS today. He also served as a Foreign Service Employee, living in the Netherlands for a few years during one of his HP assignments.