March 2011 Meeting Summary

Tom Stansell gave a talk entitled LightSquared and the FCC Threaten GPS to the Southern California Section on Mar. 17, 2011, 2010 at NavCom Technology. There were more than 40 in attendance. A brief bio and abstract of the talk follows, and the slides used during the meeting are attached.

Capsule Biography of Tom Stansell:
Tom Stansell heads Stansell Consulting. He spent 8 years with the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, 25 years with Magnavox (Staff VP), and 5 years with Leica Geosystems (VP). In those roles he pioneered Transit and GPS navigation and survey products.

He has served on the WAAS Independent Review Board (2000); led technical development of the GPS L2C signal (2001); and coordinated the GPS L1C project (2004 – 2006). He is a member of International Compatibility and Interoperability Working Groups and supports ICG activities for the U.S. State Department.

Awards and Honors:
ION Awards: Weems Award (1996), Fellow (1999), Kershner (PLANS-2000), GPS JPO Navstar Award (2002), and Johannes Kepler (2003).

Tom was technical chair (’84, ’86, and ’88) and general chair (’94, ’96, and ’98) of PLANS conferences, technical chair of ION GPS-91, and general chair of ION GPS-92. He is a past ION Western Regional VP.

Abstract of Tom Stansell’s Talk:
Slides: LightSquared and the FCC Threaten GPS
The GPS community is deeply concerned by the LightSquared proposal to transmit high power signals from about 40,000 cell “towers” across the entire U.S. in the frequency band immediately below GPS L1. The threat to GPS is real because the FCC is “fast tracking” its approval as a way to expedite the government’s objective of significantly expanding wireless broadband access. The presentation will trace the origins of the LightSquared proposal, show why it is a major threat to GPS, describe the actions being taken by the GPS community, and suggest ways you can help.