April 2004 Meeting Summary

The Institute of Navigation Southern California Section meeting held on Thursday, April 22 was well attended and hosted by Raytheon in El Segundo. 1Lt. Bryan Titus of the GPS JPO spoke on behalf of Mr. Tom Stansell on “The L1C Stewardship Project”, an IGEB sponsored program to actively solicit inputs from interested parties on the implementation of the new GPS L1C signal. The Interagency GPS Executive Board (IGEB) has funded the stewardship project (L1C Project) to determine how best to improve the L1 civil signal on GPS III satellites. The GPS JPO and the USGS in Pasadena are co-sponsors of the project.

A key purpose is to determine what users and companies want in a new signal structure. This is historic, because for the first time the U.S. Government is seeking advice and comment from experts around the world on a proposed new civil signal. 1Lt. Titus requested that the presentation and questionnaire form be made available to the ION website and welcomes questionnaire inputs.

L1 C Brief

L1 C Questionnaire