December 2008 Meeting Summary

On December 16, 2008, the Southern California Chapter of the ION held a meeting, hosted by NavCom in Torrance, CA.  The meeting included a two-part presentation from Dr. Chris Bartone of Ohio University covering The ION Virtual Museum and eLoran.  About 25 people were in attendance for the meeting.  A short biography and abstract of the meeting follows, and the slides used during the meeting are attached.

Capsule Biography of Dr. Chris Bartone
Dr. Chris G. Bartone, P.E. is an Associate Professor at Ohio University with over 25 years of profession experience in communications, navigation, and surveillance systems.  He received his Ph.D.EE from Ohio University in 1998, an MSEE from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1987, and BSEE from Penn State in 1983.  He previously worked for the Naval Air Warfare Center, performing RDT&E on CNS systems.  Chris received the RTCA William E. Jackson Award in 1998 for his outstanding contribution to aviation in the area of DGPS.  At Ohio University, Dr. Bartone has developed and teaches a number of GPS, radar, antennas, and wave propagation classes.  His research concentrates on all aspects of navigation.  He is a member of the ION and the IEEE.  He is very active with the ION; chaired several programs; Chair, ION Outreach Committee; and Editor, ION Virtual Navigation Museum.  Chris is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Ohio.

Part I – The ION Virtual Navigation Museum
Slides: ION Outreach Committee
Dr. Bartone is the Chair of the ION Outreach Committee, and Editor of the ION Virtual Navigation Museum (VNM).  While the ION is a non-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of navigation it also recognized the importance of preserving previous art and science in navigation.  The ION VNM was established in September 2006 to allows visitors to read descriptions, view photographs, and obtain detailed information on a navigation device, systems, components, and/or methods in a convenient on-line format.  The ION VNM link is:   Chris will discuss the foundation of the museum, how it is organized, and administered.  He will discuss some of the interesting entries into the museum and the various collaboration efforts ongoing.  The presentation will be a combination of presentation slides on on-line illustrative.

Part II – eLoran
Slides: eLoran Presentation
Enhanced Long Range Navigation (eLoran) leverages many of the modernization efforts that have been pursued for the traditional Loran-C.  One significant difference between eLoran and Loran-C is the addition of a data channel on the transmitted signal to convey application-specific corrections, warnings, and signal integrity information to the user’s receiver.  Other modernization efforts include going to time-of-transmission (TOT) control and the implementation of new transmitter, all-in-view receiver, and antenna equipment.  Dr. Bartone will provide an overview of the modernization and eLoran efforts as well as the Loran research efforts ongoing at Ohio University.  Chris will present details on the Loran Propagation Model development and validation for additional secondary factor predictions and measurements, Loran noise characterization, and antenna H-field characterization for Loran.